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Hm, What ?? by fukichan13 Hm, What ?? :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 1 0 Box by fukichan13 Box :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 1 2 C4D Tutorial Step 10 LAST by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 10 LAST :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 1 0 C4D Tutorial Step 9 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 9 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 C4D Tutorial Step 8 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 8 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 C4D Tutorial Step 7 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 7 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 C4D Tutorial Step 6 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 6 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 C4D Tutorial Step 5 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 5 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 1 0 C4D Tutorial Step 4 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 4 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 1 0 C4D Tutorial Step 3 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 3 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 C4D Tutorial Step 2 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 2 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 C4D Tutorial Step 1 by fukichan13 C4D Tutorial Step 1 :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 Nendo Scared by fukichan13 Nendo Scared :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 Yui Want My Cake by fukichan13 Yui Want My Cake :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 0 0 Render Neiro And Donut by fukichan13 Render Neiro And Donut :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 3 0 Yandere alice by fukichan13 Yandere alice :iconfukichan13:fukichan13 1 2


Indonesia and Netherlands by Cioccolatodorima Indonesia and Netherlands :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,324 198
APH Human Names
Mixture of fanon, canon, and the names I personally use!
America: Alfred F. Jones
Argentina: Andres Garcia
Australia: Logan Kirkland
Austira: Roderich Edelstein
Belarus: Natalia Arlovskaya
Belgium: Bella Maes
Bulgaria: Milen Hinova
Brazil: Faustina Esteves
Canada: Matthew Williams
Cameroon: Roshaun Aboya Jamar
China: Yao Wang
Cuba: Ricardo Cruz
Denmark: Mathias K°hler
Egypt: Gupta Muhammad Hassan
El Salvador: Alicia Sanchez
England: Arthur Kirkland
Estonia: Eduard von Bock
Finland: Tino Vainamoinen
France: Francis Bonnefoy
Germania: Folkert Beilschmidt
Ludwig: ‬Ludwig Beilschmidt
Greece: ‬Heracles Karpusi
Hutt River: Dwight Kirkland
Holland/Netherlands: ‬Herman Maes
Hong Kong: Li Xiao Chun
Hungary: Elizaveta Hedervary
Iceland: Emil Steillson
India: Neeraja Patel
Israel: Navah Azulai
Kugelmugel: Hubert Edelstein
Japan: Kiku Honda
Kenya: Radhi Abasi
Ladonia: Erland Oxenstierna
Latvia: ‬Raivis Galante
Liechtenstein: Lilli Zwingli
Lithuania: ‬Toris Lorinaitis
:icongilbugpls:gilbugpls 467 160
Her Captain's Treasure [Pirate!England x Reader]
"Arthur, dude, you have to let us make port soon," the blonde, blue-eyed man begged the Brit that stood beside him. "Please, I'll get on my knees and beg you, but I have got to get on dry land soon."
"And why's that? Have you tired of the sea, Alfred?" Arthur asked, the annoyance in his voice making his accent sound heavier than it normally did. He looked over at his first mate, cocking a thick eyebrow at him. "Lost your sea legs?"
"Wha? No! Nothing of the sort," Alfred answered, furiously shaking his head, which sent his feather hat from his head and his glasses askew on his face. He hastily straightened them and returned to pestering his captain about docking the ship at the next town. "Come on, Arthur! We've been out seven months now! Rations are low, the men are getting restless, and I-" he paused, as if considering what he was about to say to the Brit beside him.
"You what, Alfred?" Arthur asked, still not fully turning to face him. What would have been the point? He still
:iconivyandtwine:ivyandtwine 419 65
Nyotalia Names
Keep in mind: Mix of fanon, canon, and the ones I use!
America: Amelia F. Jones
England: Rose Kirkland
France: Jeanette Bonnefoy
Russia: Anya Braginski
China: Chun Yian
Canada: Madeline Williams
North Italy/Italy: Alice Daisy Vargas
Germany: Monika Beilschmidt
South Italy/Romano: Chiara Vargas
Japan: Sakura Honda
Prussia: Julchen Beilschmidt
Denmark: Michaela Kohler
Norway: Lovise Bondevik
Sweden: Beatrice Oxenstierna
Iceland: Lara Steillson
Finland: Taika Vainamoinen
Austria: Anneliese Edelstein
Hungary: Daniel Hedervary
Spain: Isabella Fernandez Carriedo
Switzerland: Adelheid(Heidi) Zwingli
Liechtenstein: Noah Zwingli
Turkey: Dilara Adnan
Greece: Athena Karpusi
Poland: Felicija Lukasiewicz
Lithuania: Daina Laurinaitis
Estonia: Emma Von Bock
Latvia: Karina Galante
Egypt: Gararai Makara Hassan
Ukraine: Dmitri Braginskaya
Belarus: Nikolai Arlovskaya
Hong Kong: Ling Chen
Taiwan: Liu Feng
Thailand: Wang Sukhon
South Korea: Lee Ji Young
:icongilbugpls:gilbugpls 300 188
OC Biography sheet
What role does this character play?(Storybased):
What inspired you to create this character?:
What does this character represent to you, if anything?:
What goals do you have for this character?:
Full Name:
Pronunciation of their name(first, middle name(s) and last):
Meaning of their full name:
Why did their parents name them this?:
If not parents, what decided their name?:
Why did you, their creator name them this?:
Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?:
History behind nickname(s):
Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot:
Gender identity:
Realm/Universe(Real world, an anime verse, etc.):
Share about this realm(What's considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
How old they appear:
Mental age:
Orientation/Sexual preference:
Any history behind their sex
:iconspelledeg:Spelledeg 3,178 593
Pack 19 pngs by akumaLoveSongs Pack 19 pngs :iconakumalovesongs:akumaLoveSongs 1,603 997 Pack 17 pngs by akumaLoveSongs Pack 17 pngs :iconakumalovesongs:akumaLoveSongs 760 427 Pack 24 pngs by akumaLoveSongs Pack 24 pngs :iconakumalovesongs:akumaLoveSongs 1,169 731 [ SAVE ]... by RoyalNoir [ SAVE ]... :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 13,730 522 this is Disgusting by RoyalNoir this is Disgusting :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 19,328 1,410 Tutorial [Shalalala] by blueblueOWL Tutorial [Shalalala] :iconblueblueowl:blueblueOWL 514 50 Beautifuly Growing Up Tutorial by haru030500 Beautifuly Growing Up Tutorial :iconharu030500:haru030500 558 48




fukichan13's Profile Picture
Hello there~ Nice to meet you :iconcutehiplz: Finally I'm back o/ I just change my copyright from >>Fuki Chan<< to >>Sunraissu<< !
Ehem ! let me tell you something about me teehe !

Real Name; Delyanisa Anwar
Nickname; Deli / Nisa
Birthday; 13 March
Zodiac; Pisces
Hobbies; Editing, Listening to music, Watching Anime, RolePlaying
Hates; Horror Things
Likes; Anime, Macarons, Lasagna, Cute things.
Fav.Games; Age Of Mythology, Ib, The witch's house, Mad Father, Osu!
Fav.Animals; Rabbits

:twitter: :iconmonkeyloveplz:


Pict edited by me and original art by Mishima Kurone! :iconbunnyglompplz:


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